New Field Construction Photos

Dirt is being moved, the adventure begins. (Photo by Bill Russell)

Wendell and Bill are deep in future thoughts. (Photo by Jim Buttleman)

Wendell moves some dirt. (Photo by Jim Buttleman)

Dan Styne moves more dirt. (Photo by Jim Buttleman)

Bill trades his mower for something much more fun as he packs the runway, getting ready for the mat. (Photo by Jim Buttleman)

New mat rolls ready to lay down. (Photo by Bill Russell)

New mat half way down. (Photo by Bill Russell)

New mat almost done. (Photo by Bill Russell)

New mat down! (photo by Bill Russell)

Post go in for safety fence.(Photo by Bill Russell)

Bill holds an invisible transmitter while testing the new pilot stations. (Photo by Bill Russell)

Flag pole with wind sock so we can see which way the debris blew. (Photo by Bill Russell)

Our main sign and frequency box is installed. (Photo by Bill Russell)

We now have bleachers. (Photo by Bill Russell)

Aerial photo of the new field.
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