Cedar Rapids SkyHawks By-Laws


ADOPTED: JULY 11, 1971

AMENDED: JUL 9, 1972 DEC 10, 1972
FEB 4, 1973 DEC 7, 1975 APR 4, 1976
DEC 5, 1976 JUN 3, 1979 MAR 4, 1984
APR 1, 1984 MAR 11, 1987 MAR 4, 1990
MAR 6, 1994 FEB 4, 1996 MAY 4, 1997
APRIL 1, 2001 OCT 5, 2003 OCT 16, 2008

NOV 6, 2011

ARTICLE 1 -- Name
The name of the club shall be the ''CEDAR RAPIDS SKYHAWKS, INC.''

ARTICLE 2 -- Section 1 -- Purpose
The objectives of this club shall be to promote radio control activities and the general development of youth in model aviation.

ARTICLE 2 -- Section 2 -- Regulations
The Cedar Rapids Skyhawks, Inc. shall be an AMA chartered club and conform to the policies of the Academy of Model Aeronautics and to the regulation of that organization governing model aircraft activities. The AMA Charter Number of the club is 1007.


ARTICLE 1 -- The Officers of the club, as a minimum, shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.


President Preside over club meetings and activities.
Vice President Assume duties of President in his/her absence. Coordinate all AMA activities. Report preparation and correspondence.
Secretary Keep minutes of meetings. Handle club correspondence. Revise Bylaws when necessary.
Treasurer Keep financial records of the Club. Control the receipt and disbursal of club funds.


Senior Advisor Guide future efforts of the club.
Flying Activities Chairperson In charge of all flying activities. Maintain frequency flags at flying site. Provide a tentative schedule of yearly activities by the April meeting.
Program Chairperson Provide one Club sponsored activity each month. One of which shall be the annual picnic and one of which shall be the annual banquet. Provide a tentative schedule of the yearly activities by the April meeting.
Publicity Chairperson Develop and maintain good public relations through well-publicized community service projects.

All officers shall serve for one year from the date of installation. The senior advisor shall be the immediate past president. A special appointment shall be made should the past president not be available. Vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment of the Board of Directors. Such appointee shall serve until the end of the term for which his/her predecessor was elected or appointed.

ARTICLE 2 -- Meetings
Meetings shall be held monthly. Time and place for monthly meetings will be decided upon by a vote of the membership at the December meeting for the following year. When holidays interfere with monthly meetings, the meetings will be rescheduled at the discretion of the Board of Directors. THE ANNUAL BANQUET WILL BE CONSIDERED A MEETING FOR THAT MONTH. A separate meeting does not have to be scheduled in the month that contains the Annual Banquet. The installation of officers shall be at the January meeting.

At any club meeting a quorum shall be 10% of the voting membership. A quorum is necessary to amend the Constitution or bylaws and during the months set aside for nominations or elections of officers. A quorum is needed to conduct regular business during monthly club meetings.

Flying Site:
The official flying site of the Cedar Rapids Skyhawks is CEDAR RAPIDS SKYHAWKS R/C AIRFIELD AT TUMA. There is currently no suitable field available for gliders.

The official publication is called the ''Logbook''.

ARTICLE 3 -- Membership
Any person having an interest in radio control shall be eligible for membership in the Cedar Rapids Skyhawks, Inc., provided they meet the qualifications prescribed by the club. Membership categories shall be as defined below. The membership categories and dues rates shall be:

Open (19-64)
Senior Citizen (65 and up)
Senior (15-18)
Junior (up to 14)
Associate Member (per AMA)
Honorary Member
Military Member
Life Member

For Family, Open, Senior Citizen, Senior, Junior and Life flying categories, proof of current AMA membership is required. There are 3 ways possible to prove membership:
Current AMA card must be shown at time of application presentation.
Will accept application without current AMA card but application will be held until copy of AMA card given to an officer.
Applications by mail must be accompanied by copy of current AMA card.
There will be no refunds.

2. Age is determined as of July 1st of the year.

3. Special membership categories:

  • Honorary Member: No voting rights. No flying privileges.
  • Military Member: Any member who enters the Armed Services will be carried as a current member of the club with dues suspended. In the event the Serviceman or Servicewoman proposes to fly, they must have a current AMA license.
  • Associate Member: Voting rights. No flying privileges. No AMA membership required.
  • Life Member: Voting rights. All flying privileges. AMA membership required. Granted by vote of the Board of Directors.

4. Complaints regarding any member shall be delivered to the Board of Directors, who shall determine proper action to be taken.

ARTICLE 4 -- Dues
Amount of dues will be decided upon by the membership annually at a regular club meeting. Dues paid after October 1st shall pay for the balance of the current year and for all of the next year.

ARTICLE 5 -- Committees and Special Offices
The standing committees of the club shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and may include but are not confined to the following:
The Publicity Committee shall contact news media of club events.
The Club Historian shall keep a scrapbook up to date with pictures and newspaper clippings and yearly write-up of club programs.

ARTICLE 6 -- Amendments
Amendments may be made to this Constitution and the Bylaws at any general meeting of the club membership in which a quorum is present and provided the members shall have been notified in writing in advance that an amendment is to be considered. The Secretary shall provide copies of the proposed amendment to all members. Proxy ballots will be honored on Bylaws and Constitution amendments provided a quorum is present at the regular meeting. Proxy ballots will be provided by the Secretary with the proposed amendment notifications.

ARTICLE 7 -- Safety
All club members are responsible for compliance with all club and AMA safety rules. It is further the responsibility to promote compliance and safe flying by all radio control modelers. The official Club Safety Rules are included as the final page of the Constitution and Bylaws, but are not subject to the amendment requirements specified in Article 6. Changes in the safety rules may be proposed and adopted at any regular club meetings.

ARTICLE 8 -- Nominations and Elections
Nominations are to be held at the October and November general meetings. Nominations are to be closed by the end of the November meeting to allow publishing in the logbook before the December meeting.
Elections will be held during the December general meeting and will be by secret ballot. Two election officials appointed by the board during the November meeting will be responsible for collecting absentee ballots and counting of absentee and regular ballots after the election is held. Results will be announced before the close of the December meeting and published in the January newsletter.

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