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Here you will find photos and remarks on Skyhawks club members who have passed away. ( If you have photos or things to say, please email the webmaster. )

Charles Moyer -

Charlie Moyer died on July 4, 2008. He was a long time club member and was recognized as a member of the Skyhawks Hall of Fame in January 2002. Charlie proudly served in the Army Air Corps during WWII as a pilot and flight instructor. His vast collect of model aircraft filled up his entire basement and much of his garage. One of his favorite airplanes everyone affectionately called “Big Red.” It was a quarter scale replica of a Schneider Cup era racing plane on floats. This model was flown countless times for several years by many pilots at the Hannen Lake float flys. The large throaty sounding engine on “Big Red” always drew lots of attention. Charlie was known for his expertise in setting up floats on model aircraft. He also was a virtual encyclopedia of full scale and model aircraft knowledge. Many modelers were amazed at the details Charlie could recite when asked about a particular aircraft. He will be remembered for his out-going personality and helpful demeanor.   


Bill Birky -

Bill Birky died on December 27, 2005. He was a long time club member and was recognized as a member of the Skyhawks Hall of Fame in January 2002. One of Bill’s first models was a Midwest Tri-Squire with a Babcock escapement. Later he built his own Heathkit radio. One of his favorite planes was a Magic Dragon powered by a Fox engine. He bought the Fox engine from another club member for $8. The club member was so frustrated with the engine’s unreliability that he threatened to cut it up with a band saw. Bill worked with the engine and got it to run flawlessly. The Magic Dragon flew more than 300 flights in a little over two years. Bill was building another Magic Dragon when he passed away. Bill’s favorite airplane was his Four-Star-Forty and he also liked his yellow cub. Bill was not only a skilled modeler but he was also one of the most friendly and helpful persons you could meet.


Steve Schaffer - August 27, 2010

Steve Schaffer died on August 27, 2010. Steve was a long time Skyhawks member and Publisher of the “Logbook” monthly newsletter for many years. Steve was a fixture at our monthly meetings. He will be remembered for his friendly personality and many contributions to our club.